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Many people dream about immigrating to Canada. There are thousands of provincial and federal programs that would suit people with different educational backgrounds and employment history. Our role as an immigration consultant and advocate is to match people to the right program and to guide them through the process of becoming a landed immigrant and eventually a Canadian citizen. 


There are several common paths that most applicants have chosen and been successful at attaining permanent residence. One path is to come to Canada as a student. Although the international student fees and the cost of living in Canada may be burdensome, you will be allowed to work part time up to 20 hours per week and full time during scheduled breaks. Upon graduating, a student who completed studies at a publicly funded designated learning institution (DLI) will be eligible for an open work permit and upon securing a job offer, they will have options to apply for permanent residence through provincial and federal immigration programs. Immigration service firms such as ours can guide you through every step and answer all your questions.


For people with very specific skills such as trades workers in the construction industry where labour shortages exist in Canada, a job offer backed by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is the ideal choice in order to secure a work permit. These people usually are recruited by Canadian employers by applying for jobs online in order to fulfill the hiring needs of their respective companies. Skilled trades workers, especially those who are able to speak one of Canada's official languages of English or French, are usually successful in obtaining permanent residence in the long run with the help of our immigration services.


Professional athletes and artists may be interested in self-employment options where they could apply for permanent residence based on their unique abilities and contribution to Canadian culture. There are also LMIA exemptions for people whose skills would advance Canadian interests and who may want to visit Canada for a specific event, performance or venue.  


Youth exchange or youth mobility programs are ideal for applicants ages 18-35 who are citizens of certain countries that have established exchange agreements with Canada. If qualified, you may come to Canada on an open work permit that would allow you to participate in internships, coop work placements, working holiday visas etc... There are many options within this stream and our immigration lawyers are always seeking eligible candidates within this category in order to match them to job offers in the construction industry, among others, with the possibility to transition into an LMIA job and permanent residence.


Canadians who have married or lived in common law relationships with their foreign spouses have an option to sponsor their spouse and any dependent children to live with them in Canada. There are a number of ways to initiate this kind of application. Some essential elements include that the sponsor be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident employed and declaring taxes in Canada for at least one year. The sponsor should have the financial means to support their spouse and be willing to sign an undertaking to support them for at least 3 years. If an application is made inside Canada, the spouse may be eligible for an open work permit if they have legal status in Canada while they await for a decision on their sponsorship application. For outside of Canada applications, the open work permit option is not available but they preserve appeal rights which are not available to inside Canada applicants. We have very experienced appeals council to assist you through our immigration services firm.


If all other options have been exhausted and you have significant and meaningful reasons to be in Canada, a humanitarian and compassionate application for permanent residence may be used. This option is available to everybody whether they reside in Canada or outside Canada. There are no specific eligibility requirements for this type of application. However, only those who would suffer significant, undeserved and disproportionate hardship realistically have a chance of being successful on this type of application. Having significant ties to Canada and/or other strong reasons to stay in Canada is imperative to success on this type of application. Due to the low approval rate on H&C applications contacting an experienced immigration consultant or lawyer is the best way to gain a realistic understanding of your chances.


Navigating the complex immigration programs is a process that can be deconstructed and descaled into manageable parts with easy to follow instructions. We are eager to help you in this process of simplifying and conquering immigration to Canada. Immigration services are essential to the ultimate success of your matter. Your confidence and trust in our service is what Congra Immigration Services is mandated to gain and retain. 

Visitor Visa

Tourism, family or business

Student Visa

Make your investment in education go further

Work Permit

Earn a living while pursuing your dreams

Express Entry

Federal path to permanent residence

Provincial Nominee

Alternative path to permanent residence


Reunite with your family members


Naturalization services and travel documents


Service for Canadian employers looking to hire workers abroad

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