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Learn More About Congra Immigration Services Inc.

Our goal is to monitor your immigration matters from the beginning to the completion of the visa and to proceed with court matters when necessary. We highly recommend using a professional immigration consultant or immigration lawyer with knowledge and experience in Canadian immigration programs in order to have the advice and support you need to bring your case to a finish. A future in Canada awaits and every opportunity counts.

We value each and every customer and take the time to go through your individual circumstances, offering our advice and solutions.


Since we are a dynamic and flexible office, we are ready to thoroughly examine your case and your needs and to provide you with a legal solution tailored to meet your needs.

Our main goal is to provide customers the best immigration service and professional legal advice. However, our office is more than just immigration advice and representation in Canadian immigration.


As a modern office with associate consultant and lawyer experts, we pay special attention to details, we are flexible and dynamic in our approach to each immigration case, and our way of working is thinking oriented to quickly and efficiently solve the problem.

A detailed analysis of the immigration situation, and interdisciplinary association of different areas of law help us come to optimal solutions and provide the best immigration services.

The founder of Congra Immigration Services Inc is Khrystyna Naydan. Her passion for immigration stems from a desire to help people, to help companies and to work towards a rewarding career in the legal field. Khrystyna has a bachelors degree with distinction in the field of History and Psychology from the University of Alberta. She also has a graduate diploma from Ashton College in Canadian immigration and citizenship law program leading to her professional designation as a licensed immigration practitioner. 

During her studies in university, Khrystyna wrote an analytical paper entitled "Making and Telling Stories of Real-Life Events: Narrative Structure in Courtroom Testimony" in which she examined how narrative structure persists in real life events and stories that people tell. In this particular instance courtroom testimony from the inquiry into the wrongful conviction of David Milgard (2005-2006) was analyzed in order to exemplify how people make sense of the fragmented nature of their memories by organizing them into collective narratives that lend credence to their beliefs and allegations. It is precisely our approach in immigration cases to create a well formulated narrative that is logical, easy to follow and grounded in immigration law meanwhile avoiding the pitfalls of prefabricated narratives that may not be relevant to every matter the same way. 


As an immigrant herself from Ukraine, Khrystyna is sensitive to the nature of the process and the difficulties immigrants face throughout their journey. Our mission is a genuine desire to help people and to support them in their journey. It is precisely the success of our customers that is our primary concern when providing an immigration service.

In order to meet the needs of our clients and to offer them high-quality legal solutions, we are continuously improving and deepening our expert knowledge and skills in particular through:

-attendance of professional meetings and conferences in the field of immigration law

-membership in professional associations (College of Citizenship and Immigration Consultants)

-exchange of experiences with legal professionals

-improving the knowledge of foreign languages (Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian)

-reading professional legal literature

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