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Student Visa

Make your investment in education go further with our immigration services

There are countless schools, colleges and universities in different provinces and cities all across Canada. A potential student may feel overwhelmed in figuring out not only the immigration process necessary in order to study in Canada but also to choose a program and school suitable for their future growth and development. 


The application for a student visa is a two step process. Our immigration consultant will handle both steps on your behalf. The first step is to apply and gain admission to a designated learning institution (DLI). Only students of DLI's are eligible for a study permit. The list of eligible schools also known as DLI's must be verified prior to pursuing a course of study and subsequently a student visa. If the school is a public institution, a graduate of that school will be eligible for a post graduation open work permit of equal length to their program of study. If the school is a private college or university, the graduate will not be eligible for a post graduation work permit. Contact us to help you ensure the correct steps are taken. It has been the case in the past that some students obtained a post graduation work permit in error after studying in a private school but this is less common now and the buyer must beware of their future program eligibility or how far their investment in education in Canada will take them towards permanent residence and/or employment opportunities in Canada.


The student must obtain a letter of acceptance from their chosen school for the course of study upon meeting the school's admission requirements and paying any applicable application fees. An immigration consultant can handle school admission on your behalf, it is one of our highest on demand immigration services. Admission requirements usually consist of transcripts from previous academic courses, proof of English or French language knowledge and application fees. Once these requirements are met, at that point, a Visa Application Centre (VAC) can process an application for a student visa which is the second step. Along with other essential documents which include the financial means of support, an eligible student can immigrate to Canada in order to pursue studies on a temporary basis.


If the student does abide by the terms of their student visa with the help of an immigration consultant and successfully graduates, there are many opportunities to pursue LMIA exempt work placements and permanent residence in Canada. Not only that, but integration into Canadian society and economy may be easier for a newcomer with a recognized educational credential inside Canada. Express Entry which features the federal immigration pathways, awards extra points for education in Canada and subsequently employment history in Canada.


In summary, the documents necessary to apply for a student visa typically are as follows:

- letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution or DLI

- proof of financial means to support yourself ie. bank statement, declaration from a sponsor, notice of assessment or employment letters and paystubs etc...

- former diplomas and transcripts with translations ie. high school diploma and/or college or university diplomas and transcripts

- proof of relationship where there exists a financial sponsor relationship

- ties to your home country including any family ties or ownership of property, if applicable

- marriage certificate and child birth certificates if the potential student has a family

- valid passport or travel document

- travel history if applicable

- proof of English or French language skills and/or proof of meeting the schools' admission standards for the course of study chosen in Canada

- may be required to pass a medical test for people applying for a visa of over 6 months in duration from certain countries of origin

- biometrics* upon submission of application (fingerprints and photograph at a local visa office)

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