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Visitors in Canada - COVID-19 & Extensions

Are you currently a visitor in Canada? Confused about what you have to do if you cannot return to your home country due to limited flights, canceled flights or border restrictions?

Lately there have been a lot of people in a similar situation questioning what their next steps should be. IRCC has published instructions that mention that they understand that COVID-19 may result in some people not being able to leave, that some documents may not be readily available, and specifically, they request that the applicant submits a letter indicating which documents cannot be obtained and why, together with their application. If given sufficient explanation for the omission, 90 days will be available for the applicant to collect all necessary information for their visitor record extension and to submit further documents via the online webform.

In order to apply for a visitor record extension, you still have to pay the government fees as applicable. You still have to apply for an extension if your status is about to expire. If you overstay too long even in these circumstances, you will become illegal in Canada. Proof of financial means to stay in Canada is still necessary. The law has not changed and the process to apply for an extension has not changed other then to mandate online applica