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Permanent Residency without a Job Offer: Options for International Students

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

There are many immigration programs for permanent residency that require a job offer. For instance, many streams of the provincial nominee programs as well as the Federal Skilled Trades Class on Express Entry require a job offer. After all, you must show a degree of establishment into Canadian society in order to be successful at permanent settlement in the economic class and/or business class.

In this post, we would like to address some options which do not require a job offer and the essential elements that you must know in order to be successful on a permanent resident application. If you are interested in the federal programs administered through the Express Entry platform such as the Canadian Experience Class and the Federal Skilled Worker Class, which also do not require a job offer as long as you have a strong CRS rank within the Express Entry pool, please refer to our previous blog post of October 21, 2019 for details.