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Are You Interested in Living in a Small Community and Getting Permanent Residence?

There is a new option to immigrate to Canada for those who may be interested in living in a small community outside of the major metropolitan centres. The details of the selection criteria and eligibility are coming this summer in 2019. This program is called the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot and it is designed to invite newcomers to make these communities their forever homes.

As the Canadian population ages and the birth rate declines, rural Canada’s workforce has seen a significant decrease in available workers. The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot pilot will help attract people that are needed to drive economic growth and help support middle-class jobs in these communities.

The participating communities are as follows:

1. Thunder Bay (ON),

2. Sault Ste. Marie (ON),

3. Sudbury (ON),

4. Timmins (ON),

5. North Bay (ON),

6. Gretna-Rhineland-Altona-Plum Coulee (MB),

7. Brandon (MB),

8. Moose Jaw (SK),

9. Claresholm (AB),

10. West Kootenay (BC),

11. Vernon (BC)

A successful candidate will need a job offer from an employer in one of the eligible communities listed above. If a community endorses you and you are successful in applying for permanent residence, you will then move to Canada to work and live. As such, you and your family will not immigrate based on a temporary work permit but straight to permanent residence. It is an opportunity of a lifetime if you speak to anybody who has received permanent residence in Canada but had to go through one or multiple work permits and many years to qualify.

The application process for eligible candidates will begin as early as fall 2019. We encourage anybody who is interested in this pilot immigration program to prepare and to take advantage of this opportunity as soon as the eligibility criteria become available publicly. #immigratetocanada #canadavisa #expressentry #ruralimmigration #selfemployed #northernimmigration

rural country escape
Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot - direct path to permanent residence in Canada

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