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Agri-Food Permanent Residence Program Updates

In early 2020, an application for permanent residence will be available under the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot for a period of three years, until 2023. This new pilot aims to attract and retain workers by providing them with an opportunity to become permanent residents and filling skill shortages, driving local economies, and creating and supporting middle-class jobs in communities across the country that will benefit all Canadians.

The target industries are particularly in meat processing and mushroom production, within the agri-food sector. The immigration program will seek to attract experienced, non-seasonal workers who can economically establish in Canada, and who support the ongoing labour needs of the agriculture sector. In particular, the permanent residence program will focus on attracting retail butchers, industrial butchers, food processing labourers, harvesting labourers, general farm workers, and farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers.

Eligibility Updates: