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5 Tips on Spousal Sponsorship Applications

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Are you getting married soon or have you been living in a common law relationship for at least one year with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident? Are you thinking about submitting a family class sponsorship application? One of the most common misconceptions out there is that getting married to a Canadian automatically confers the same status on the foreign national or immigrant spouse. This is not the case and in fact there is a process that is not exactly fast in order to obtain permanent residence to begin with, and then apply for citizenship at a later date when eligibility for citizenship has been met.

Lets jump right into it and discuss the merits of a spousal sponsorship application, the timeline and some tips on how to get your sponsorship approved. After all, being married does not guarantee that you will be approved or that it is sufficient evidence to prove that your relationship is legitimate and not entered into to confer economic or other benefit.

Tip# 1

Ensure you complete the latest version of the application forms. If you start the application in September and finish collecting all documentation and are ready to submit in November, for example, by that time the forms you started preparing most l