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5 Reasons to Choose Us: Immigration to Canada the Right Way

1. Our clients come first. We know that without our valued customers we would not have a business so we treat each and every client equally. You will never have difficulties with getting answers to your inquiries or with follow-up regarding your immigration matter. Our mission statement conveys exactly what we perceive is our role in this industry and that is to make dreams come true one application at a time.

2. When it comes to immigration, you are risking your future, your families' future, and taking a financial leap of faith. You want to ensure that the individual you hire to represent you is qualified both in knowledge and experience. We will, through our discussions and consultations prior to taking on your immigration visa or Canadian citizenship, strive to exemplify our knowledge in this industry and to make you feel comfortable with the decision to retain us.

3. We sign a contract or agreement with every single client we represent through our immigration services firm. The contract outlines the timeline, the obligations of the client, the obligations of counsel and all fees and disbursements. A relative idea of the charges that can be expected is also available on our webpage. We strive to be as transparent as possible so that at the end of the day, each of our valuable clients will feel comfortable and in control of the situation that they may have had doubts and uncertainties about. Immigration is very complex and ever changing. Immigration programs and experience in utilizing them is invaluable in order to be successful in the long term.

4. What we offer is not simply a one time service. We always look at each matter within the context of the client's long term goals and provide them with a synopsis of what they can expect in the future. If your goal is to visit Canada one time as a tourist, we will leave it at that. But if your goal is to stay as a permanent resident and eventually to become a citizen of Canada, we will also carry you through and guide you in that journey. Permanent residence, on average, takes several years if you calculate the time it takes to qualify for a program and most people do take the long way as opposed to the short way. There are certain language, experience and education qualifications one must meet in order to become eligible. It is better to consult regarding those matters upfront and to know the bigger picture thereby enabling you to make long term plans and to feel comfortable and confident that things are taken care of to the best extent that they can be.

5. We constantly pursue education and upgrade our skills within the immigration field. We take professional development very seriously and strongly believe in the value of knowledge. After all, success knows no standstill. The individual who chooses to turn their whole life and everything they are familiar with up-side-down is not one to settle into a comfortable routine and never leave their niche. We also guarantee that we will not settle into a routine and hope for the best but rather, we will actively look for the best and most optimal path for you which may be different from the best and most optimal immigration path of your best friend. Adaptability is key and we will adapt to your situation. #immigrationservice #immigratetocanada #canadavisa #spousalsponsorship #canadaimmigration #businessclassimmigration #startupvisa #selfemployedcanada

* Customer service in the following languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, and English.

Strength comes from a strong team partnership
Never miss an opportunity to smile and enjoy your life in Canada. Dreams do come true and success knows no standstill. Ask us about our story.

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