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3 Reasons Why Your Visa Application is Taking Longer Than Expected

Have you recently submitted a visitor visa, student visa or work permit application that is taking longer than expected to be processed? Visa processing times depend on several factors. If you are concerned regarding the time it is taking in order to obtain a decision, the first thing you should do is to check the IRCC website for the current processing time on your type of visa application whether it is visitor visa, work permit, or student visa. In order to get accurate information, you must select the right visa type, the correct location and pay attention to any warnings which may be noted regarding visa processing delays.

In this article, we would like to provide some of the most common reasons why an application may be taking longer than expected as well as the steps one might take in order to avoid such visa delays.

Reason #1: Missing documents or fees

Temporary residence visas such as working visa, student visa, or visitor visa typically have two checklists. One is a general checklist for all applicants. The other is a country-specific document checklist (also know as visa office instructions checklist). The country-specific document list specifies instructions for documents that must be included based on the location of where the applicant lives currently or where they were born. Documents from both must be provided and an application can be refused or returned for missing documents. The correct fees must also be paid including the biometrics fees, where applicable. Ultimately, having missing documents or unexplained issues with regards to things such as arrests or criminal convictions, among others, would ultimately lead to applications taking longer than expected.

Reason #2: Verification of documents

When submitting personal information such as ID's, passport and financial proof especially when it exists from multiple countries, one must ensure that they submit documents that are easy to verify, clear and consistent with country-specific instructions. Mobile phone pictures of documents are usually not clear enough in all areas the way that a proper scan is. It will take more time if IRCC must contact multiple departments in order to verify the identity or authenticity of certain documentation submitted.

Reason #3: Unexplained inadmissibility

Individuals who intentionally or unintentionally failed to disclose visas that were refused in the past to any country could potentially become inadmissible due to misrepresentation. Ensuring that the application forms for your visa are answering all questions completely and truthfully is of utmost importance. However, misrepresentation is not the only kind of inadmissibility that exists and should be explained upfront wherever possible. Other types of inadmissibility are: criminal inadmissibility (serious criminality, repeat offenders, violent crime etc), medical inadmissibility (danger to public health, communicable health issues etc), and financial issues especially as they relate to business class visas. In some cases, potential inadmissibility may be explained whereas in others the inadmissibility will effect their eligibility. In those cases where you are not eligible for the type of visa you require, there is a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) which exists for people who are inadmissible but have compelling reasons to come to Canada or to remain in Canada such as for medical treatment etc...

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Visa Application Taking Longer? Here is Why!

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