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Congra Immigration Services

Licensed & Professional

Located in Edmonton Alberta Canada

Making dreams come true one application at a time...

We offer comprehensive immigration and citizenship representation and counselling services. We work with immigrants in and out of Canada. Do you have an immigration matter or problem? We would like to show you our solution. With years of experience, utmost diligence and excellent results, our representation will prove invaluable for your future.

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Temporary Residence Visas and LMIA

This category includes visitor visas, work permits, student visas and employer applications for Labour Market Impact Assessment. It is an area of practice most effected by experience and results. We have over five years of experience in this category with extensive knowledge of case law, immigration law, processing manuals and procedural instructions. Our approach is to create a narrative telling your story with a solid basis in fact, evidence and law in order to persuade the decision maker to the best of our ability. Our immigration consultant would be happy to discuss your matter and offer our solutions.

Permanent Residence and Citizenship

There are more than 80 programs to immigrate to Canada. Among them are provincial nominee programs of 11 provinces plus Quebec as the 12th. There are also the 3 federal programs under Express Entry among others in the business class and self-employed categories. The most optimal choice for a given candidate may not be an obvious choice as each program places greater emphasis on different essential factors. Our immigration lawyer will gather all relevant information and lay out the options pursuant to your individual circumstances. We view each case as an opportunity to change your life and help you accomplish your dreams in Canada. The grant of citizenship and travel document applications are another area of practice that we are passionate about and have over five years of experience pursuing. Call us to book a consultation with an immigration consultant.

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This is perhaps the category most effected by narrative elements and knowledge of the law. How effectively the story is told, what evidence is provided and how different elements interact are all relevant factors wagered by the decision maker. Our immigration consultant or lawyer would be happy to discuss your matter and offer our solutions. Our approach is to put forth the strongest sponsorship case grounded in evidence, proof, law, case law and utilizing prior experience in the practice of immigration. A couple is only as strong as the elements that bind them together and an immigration application is similarly as strong as the evidence contained therein.

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Congra Immigration Services Inc. Client

Valued Feedback

Congra Immigration Services provided an excellent services whenever I needed an advice on immigration. I learned a lot from Khrystyna during our discussions about immigration programs and applications and she answered all my questions. Khrystyna is very knowledgeable and a true professional. I highly recommend Congra to everyone who seeks advice on immigration.

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